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On the road. The Path beneath our toes.

My silk trousers are the colour of the sky here. The sun is beating down on my stiff back. Stiff from the rock I've been lying on. Stiff from the sheet less bed I slept in last night. And stiff from the 12 hour journey from London to Montpellier. The sun is really beating down now. The clouds keep dodging and I can't work out which way they are turning next. I've never seen two clouds move and twist in opposite directions before. 

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I don't think anyone saw it coming. Especially just a number of days after his 69th birthday and album release. My heart stopped a little when I found out at work on Monday. I guess you just expect these people to live forever don't you...

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Balcony, The Finsbury

ACJ and I went across town to The Finsbury Pub, a venue I love for its strong acoustics and dramatic lighting... one of my favourite small pub venues to shoot bands in. We were there to see Balcony. The members of which are our good friends. 

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