Create Something Every Day


It's 18th February and as with most new years comes a desire to create something new. But what does this mean and how to we approach 'creating'? What are we creating and why?

I remember once reading a journalistic piece on overcoming depressive tendencies simply by creating. If you create one this everyday... no matter how small, you will be content. I read this years ago but it has stuck in my mind as a poignant statement. And yet.. days pass and and so do months and years and we seek evidence of things we have created. Of course it doesn't have to be an artwork... it could quite simply be the founding and nurturing of a great friendship... or a photo you took of the light streaming in through your bedroom window one morning. 

Any yet i still find myself yearning for 'evidence'. I think that is why holding a blog has always been attractive to me.. not so i could BECOME A BLOGGER... but quite simply because it is a place to store and reflect on things which are important. I detest the idea of my photography sitting on my desktop unlooked upon and unloved. How often do we actually seek out photos from our experiences. 

There is a sense of self-care around taking pleasure in your experiences and currating these in a space in which you can easily reflect on them. Previously i have been a little slow to share.. what will people think.. what will they say. We all have a voice and feeling empowered to share this on a blog is about backing yourself, your thoughts and your ideas. It is this with this in mind, and a head full of inspiration, that I am setting out to write down my musings for myself and to perhaps 


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