Sweet Dreams are Made of These

Some time around October 2014 my best friend's boyf told me he was going to propose... FAST FORWARD 18 months... and now the hen do is over, and the wedding has passed. Let me take you back to the hen do. Because. Well.. what a party. And indeed...What an honour it is to be asked to be the Maid of Honour. 

Take 14 girls and 4 gay guys and put them in a French Chateau... i mean you can't really go wrong right? But you CAN go so so SO right. Despite getting stuck in the most horrendous traffic en route out of Paris with our Europe Car... and despite it raining largely all weekend... and DESPITE captain fun times over here creating an itinerary for the entire weekend.. we still managed to have a ROLLICKING GOOD TIME. 

Finding the house I guess was pretty easy. We found it on Air Bnb, and my god did it surpass all of our expectations.  The pictures do not do it justice at all. Each room had such character. A rabbit warren of rooms. The most exquisite wall papers and furniture and curiosities.



The following portraits were photographed by Haleigh Walsworth


The Bride

The Huntsman

The Temptress

The Daughter (and photographer)

One of my favourite nights... Was 70s themed. We trapped Imo in a room in the house and forbade her to escape. Meanwhile we were blowing up an enormous Pegasus and Croc for the pool... champagne glasses at the ready, we invited Imogen down to the pool. The pics below make me so so happy. There have been few times in my life when I have seen Imogen THIS happy and speechless. 

So the crew was asked to bring every item of glitter and fancy dress they owned. Excelling themselves, I think we spent 99.9% of that weekend in faaaaancy dress. WE SO FANCY. Writing this I actually can't remember what the theme was to to this night below... but everyone looks fucking fabulous.