Balcony, Birthdays Dalston


Last night my girl gang headed over to Birthdays in Dalston. 45 mins on the over ground from work was time enough for a good snooze after a long day shifting boxes in to our new office at work - Missoma have just moved up to Ladbroke grove to this #dreamy office. 

Balcony, who of course I have covered several times were playing Birthdays for the second time, a venue which until last night i had not ventured in to. A decent bar with genuinely nice staff ... who were even happy to lend a carving knife from the kitchens to carve a hole in the base drum skin... not something i do often but hey... happy to assist a friend in need. I was on the beers all night but i did eye up myself their house cocktail which was pink, limey and definitely looked like it had sage in it? time maybe. 

I rocked up obscenely early, time enough to catch up over beers on a little something we have planned - watch this space. And then snapped a few shots sitting on the gritty floor watching sound check. All shots below are in black and white.. the coloured lighting on the skin just looked so wank. Let me know... do you like the black and white shots or do you want to see more colour?

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