New you

More than ever this year (well.. last year) social media was overrun with memes and articles about how overrated New Years Eve is... everyone exclaiming about the stress of deciding what your doing, finding an outfit, deciding who your going to snog when the clock strikes 12, threat of anticlimax, the struggle to get home and the hangover..... SNORE. I say its one of THE BEST nights of the year. So here are my top tips on seeing in the new year in style. 

  1. FIND YOUR CREW: This is key. I have spent my new year with the same people for several years in a row now and we are nailing it. Everyone knows their roles (see point 4) and we smash it. Every year. Every year try and throw in a few fresh blood who will add some new sparkle, but ultimately you want to be with your besties when your wasted and giggling at 2am. 
  2. GET OUT OF TOWN: I'm not of the ilk that enjoys spending NYE in a club... or town for that matter (unless your doing Hogmanay, Edinburgh which is da bomb). Plan ahead and get out of town, whether its a friends house in the countryside or you jump on AirBnb and rent somewhere, doing something different is key. PLUS there is no queuing, taxis and enormous bar tabs. Instead, you can do exactly what you want, drink copious amounts of champagne without breaking the bank, AND you get a long walk the next day to brush off the cobwebs. 
  3. GO BLACK TIE: How often do you get to really dress up? Not often I bet. So when you get the opportunity to, then fucking do it. There is something about donning your black tie that makes everyone a little more sparkly. And what is NYE without sparkle. 
  4. DELEGATE: There is nothing worse than being the only person 'on it' with organising a party. Deligation is key. One person is in charge of cooking, one in charge of decoration, one in charge of fireworks etc. This ensures noone feeling like they have done all the work. Share the love peeps. 
  5. RELAX: If you have delegated successfully and have executed your role well.. you can sit back and relax. Time to crack open the champagne!

So.. with that... I wish you all an extraordinary new year! Hope yours was as fun as mine!

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