Portobello with Penny Lane

My very favourite Saturday activity is mooching around Portobello. Slowly perusing the stalls and chatting to my favourite tenders. I near always start Ladbroke Grove end, grabbing a freshly ground coffee and smiling as i pass the rastas skanking to their beats. My favourite stalls are found bunched together under the Westway. These stalls seem more authentic somehow. 

This Saturday just passed, I headed up as usual with my dear friend Clara, she is totally refreshing and in my eyes she is Penny Lane... oh and she knows every work from Almost Famous. 

We dug out a few pieces, particularly enjoying pulling out armfulls of silk scarves to wear as headbands for £3 a piece, echoing our inner Keith Richards. 

Oh and I made a little video for you too...

By 3pm we were peckish and gasping for vino. I was a little hungover having spent the evening prior being totally pretentious drinking red wine, eating foie gras and watching Zeitgeist. A favourite for us near Portobello is E&O. I had the most delicious sushi and sashimi, and Clara devoured her pad thai whilst but gulped down the most delicious rose. I was having too much fun to remember the name of the bottle. Must remember to call and ask. For pud we attempted and failed to share E&O's famous Bannoffee pie. Delicious but good god its rich.  

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