Tom Figgins, Notting Hill Arts Club

I have been lucky enough in my time, to have met some incredibly talented people some of whom I call my friends. One such individual is Tom Figgins. I met Tom little over a year ago when his management organised for me to shoot his press shots for his then upcoming single 'Let Your Roots Grow'. I was immediately struck with his enthusiasm at my suggestion to get up at 4am to greet the sunrise on the morning of the shoot. Which is what we did. 

I saw Tom play recently the other night at Notting Hill Arts Club. A Venue I love as it feels like a bit of a dive and I don't care about what I'm wearing. In fact, last time I visited was after a long day at work, no make up and I could not have cared less. The vibe is completely about the music in there. No matter what night you go you can always catch a good tune or two. 

I digress. Tom really smashed the gig and it is such a huge thrill to see him doing so well. I know he will make it far. Raw talent and a real musician. Gad damn I wish I could strum a guitar like he can.