Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

In my opinion one must do at least one thing 'cultural' during a Bank Holiday Weekend. For me, this usually means frequenting a museum or gallery... and in London.. there is no excuse not too. My dear friend Imogen popped over from Paris and we headed over to the V&A for the the very well publicised Alexander McQueen exhibition entitled 'Savage Beauty'.  And savage it was. It was almost aggressive the sense of tortured genius pouring through McQueens designs. 

The exhibition was truly excellent and so well executed. Having studied History of Art ad Museum Studies at university, I am passionate about strong curration in museums, and the V&A Surpassed themselves here. I would hope, that had he still been alive today, that this is exactly how he would have displayed a retrospective of his works. 

download (3).jpeg

The Courtyard at The V&A is just one of the most relaxing places in London. You are surrounded by glorious architecture, which houses some of the worlds finest artworks and artefacts. At the centre there is a pool, where, in good weather children paddle... and parents stand around wringing out their todler's wet trousers. The perfect place to grab a coffee after visiting an exhibit.