After venturing out in my early twenties to a world of musicians, tours and trouble, keeping a photography blog along the way; I decided to create my own website which would show the best of my personal and professional work. The thing is, I never felt these were the right spaces for me to write about my life and all its bizarre and wonderful twists and turns. Fieldnotes was inspired by my desire to create a platform from which I could share my thoughts, experiences and inspirations. So I find myself here, writing Fieldnotes. 


Why 'Fieldnotes'?

Emerson (1995) defined 'fieldnotes' in ethnography as 'accounts describing experiences and observations the researcher has made while participating in an intense and involved manner'. Fieldnotes are one means employed by qualitative researchers whose main objective of any research is to try to understand the true perspectives of the subject being studied (in this case.. that's my life!).  Fieldnotes are recorded by an observer (me) and are subject to (a) my memory and (b) possibly, my conscious or indeed unconscious bias.